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Find your competitors:
uncover all your competitors today to stay ahead of the game
Understand your competition:
get a comprehensive side-by-side analysis of your competitors across dozens of data points: product, marketing, messaging, audience, pricing, and more
Outsmart and outperform:
outsmart your competitors by building a strategy and making decisions based on powerful competitive insights
Save yourself days of work:
avoid the tedious and manual task of competitive research - get a comprehensive competitive analysis in minutes with our AI
397 startups saved 9,476 hours of tedious competitive research
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Effortless analysis in minutes

Save days of tedious manual research, get a competitive analysis in minutes

1. Choose a base product

Type in a URL, or describe the product in a few sentences

1. Choose a base product
2. Choose competitors

Choose from a list of suggested competitors, or add competitors manually

2. Choose competitors
3. Analysis is generated by AI

Get a competitive analysis that you can share or download as a CSV or PDF. See it live

3. Analysis is generated by AI

Comprehensive and detailed

Get a detailed side-by-side comparison of competitors, with information and insights across dozens of data points:

tagline, unique value proposition, positioning, channels, strategies, keywords, social media profiles, and more.
features, customizations, integrations, differentiation, platforms, and more.
business model, pricing tiers, sales model, and more.
users, buyers, target company type, size, location, stakeholders, and more.
Customer Sentiment:
customer praise and complaints
Company Info:
year established, location, and more.
SWOT Analysis:
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
Dozens of dimensions of comparison

Any industry, any company size

Get competitive insights in any imaginable industry, including technology, software, business, marketing, retail, real estate, financial services, healthcare, and education

  • Find your competitors and see how your company compares across product, marketing, messaging, audience, pricing, and more. Understand your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and outsmart them with data-driven decisions and strategies. Learn more
  • Get a full understanding of your competitive landscape. Know your competitors messaging and strategy, and develop winning go-to-market strategy, positioning, and sales enablement to win more customers. Learn more
  • Win new clients for your agency by understanding their competition and creating a data-driven pitch. Impress your existing clients with comprehensive analysis and develop strategies to help them outsmart the competition. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a trial or plan?

Due to the significant AI resources Competely utilizes for each analysis, we do not offer a free trial. However, we provide cost-effective plans that are significantly more affordable than other competitive intelligence tools.

Can I see a demo or example analysis before purchasing?

Absolutely! For a preview of the detailed insights provided by Competely, please view our sample analyses.

Which industries does it work in?

Competely can perform competitive analyses across a broad range of industries, including technology, software, services, marketing, healthcare, education, retail, construction, real estate, utilities, and financial services, among others.

Does it work for small companies and niche sites too?

Yes, Competely is effective for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It delivers valuable insights for any industry with accessible online data, including niche and emerging markets.

How detailed or in-depth are the results?

Competely provides a comprehensive comparison of your competitors, offering insights into Marketing, Product, Pricing, Audience, Customer Sentiment, Company Info, and SWOT Analysis. The depth of each analysis is dependent on the available online data for each competitor.

How much time will this save me?

Competely can save you between 10 to 30 hours per comparison, eliminating the need for tedious manual work such as Googling, browsing dozens of sites, collecting data, and summarizing it in a spreadsheet.

Can I export/download the results?

With the Startup and Agency plans, you can download your analysis as a CSV file, which you can open with Google Spreadsheets or Excel. Additionally, you can save the analysis into a PDF file.

How does Competely work?

Competely begins by scanning your site or analyzing a provided description to identify competitors. It then utilizes AI to gather and analyze data from their websites, extracting useful information and insights. Finally, it generates a detailed side-by-side comparison of all competitors.

What sources are used to generate the competitive analysis?

Competely uses data sourced from competitor websites, and in addition it utilizes GPT, a sophisticated AI model trained on a millions of websites, to ensure up-to-date and comprehensive analyses.

How much does it cost?

Our plans range from $19 to $29 per month, making them affordable for anyone — from individuals and freelancers, to startups, agencies, and businesses. See our plans

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